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CS 1.6 NoSteam (Windows)
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CS 1.6 NoSteam (Windows) Server Installation Tutorial
Minimum Requirements:
- Windows XP , at least 1GHz processor and at least 256MB RAM
- internet connection (at least 100KB/s metropolitan and extern) through optic fiber
- Routable IP / Port Forward
- 1-2 GB Hard Disk space
- a lot of patience smile
Downloading Files
Download the following files:
- HLDSUpdateTool -> http://www.steampowered.com/download/hldsupdatetool.exe
- NoSteamPatcher -> http://cs.cstrike.ro/hldsw32.patch.3382.zip
- AdminMod + MetaMod -> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/halflif....ownload
- StatsMe -> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/statsme....ownload
Server Installation

- create a new folder where you want to install the game server. As an example we will use C:/HLDS
- open hldsupdatetool.exe and click Next, then Agree and we have to choose the destination folder. Press Browse and select the C:/ drive and after that double click on HLDS folder.The message tells us that the folder already exists and we press Yes, then next until the end of setup.
- the next step is to give a command from DOS command line. To do that, press Start button, press Run, write cmd and press OK. Change the current directory by writing the following command: cd C:\HLDS.
- Download the files needed to install the server. Depending on the Internet connectio speed it may take up to a couple of minutes or few hours. Write the following command in DOS command line: hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dir .
This command starts the HLDS download. After the download is complete, the following message is displayed: HLDS installation up to date.
Installing Counter-Strike Mod
Download the Counter-Strike Mod files by typing to DOS command line the following command: hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir .
After the download is complete, the following message is displayed: HLDS installation up to date
Patch the server in order to accept NoSteam clients
Extract hldsw32-emporio.rar to C:/HLDS
Configure the server.cfg file
The server.cfg configuration file is located in C:\HLDS\cstrike directory. Open it with TextPad or Wordpad. Delete all lines and add the lines located here
To <HOSTNAME> write anything you want (eg. Best CS 1.6 Server). To <PAROLA> write the password for remote administration.
Install and configure AdminMod for Windows

Click here to install and configure AdminMod for Microsoft Windows.
Extract statsme-2.8.3-cstrike.zip to C:\HLDS\cstrike directory. Go to C:\HLDS\cstrike\addons\metamod directory and open plugins.ini with TextPad or WordPad. Add the following line at the begining of the file: win32 addons\statsme\dlls\statsme_mm.dll
Go to C:\HLDS\cstrike\addons\statsme and open statsme.cfg with TextPad or WordPad. Modify the sm_menupassword from r3wt with another password. When entering the game you will have to write in the console statsme_menu password_from_statsme.cfg.cfg in order to modify last settings.
/rank and /top10
Open statsme.cfg and change the sm_storebyauth from 1 to 0.
Secure server
It is important to have a non secure server because of many reasons. To do that, go to C:\HLDS\cstrike and open liblist.gam with TextPad or WordPad. Modify secure from 1 to 0. Save and exit.
Starting the server - method #1
(This is the simple mode - more resources involved)
Go to C:\HLDS. Double click on hlds.exe and select the following options:
- Game: CounterStrike
- Server Name: eg. Best CS 1.6 Server
- Map: anything
- Network: Internet
- Max. Players: as many as you want
- UDP Port: the port on which the server will run (default: 27015)
- RCON Password: remote password administration
- Secure (Valve Anti-Cheat): unchecked!
Starting the server - method #2
(Simpler method, less resources involved)
Go to C:\HLDS. Right click on hlds.exe and choose "Create Shortcut" or "Send to > Desktop". Right click on the created shortcut and choose Properties. In Target field you will see C:\HLDS\hlds.exe after, add the following: -console -game cstrike +ip EXTERNAL_IP +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers PLAYERS_NUMBER +map de_dust2 -nomaster. Press Ok and double click on the shortcut.

Forum » Tutorials » Counter Strike » CS 1.6 NoSteam (Windows)
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