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Psychostats Tutorial
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Psychostats (Windows) Statistics Generator Installation Tutorial
In order to install Psychostats on Windows OS you have to have the following items preinstalled:
- ActivePerl
- Apache
- PHP & GD2
- Mysql
- Internet Information Services (IIS)
Psychostats Installation:
Download PsychoStats, then extract all files from archive.
Go to the new psychostats3.0.7 directory and double click on the install.pl file. If the install.pl is not executing and it is opening as a text file then you don't have ActivePerl installed and the installation cannot be completed!
After double clicking install.pl a new installation window should appear.
Follow the steps below in order to complete the installation:
Web server host: localhost []
Do you want to change your settings? [y,N]: N
>>> STEP: Verifying required perl modules ...
Searching for required perl modules ...
x = module installed
[x] DBI v1.48
[x] DBD::mysql v3.0002
[x] Data::Dumper v2.121_04
All required perl modules are installed! Congratulations!
Press enter to continue with next step
DB Username []: (user care are acces la baza de date mysql)
ex: DB Username []:nino
DB Password []:(user's password)
DB Hostname [localhost]:localhost
DB Name []:(DataBase name)
DB Table prefix [pstats_]: (press Enter)
DB Compression [0]: (press Enter)
If a table already exists with the same name in the 'pstats' database should it be deleted and replaced with a new empty table? (any data in the original table will be lost). Player and Clan profiles will not be deleted unless you specified the -profiles [player,clan] command line option.
Delete existing tables first? [y,N]: y
Press enter to continue with next step
Current log sources (enter a blank line to stop).
An asterix '*' in front of the directory means the directory does not exist!
LOGSOURCE 1: (write down the log directory path)
ex: LOGSOURCE 1:C:\Program Files\hlds\cstrike\logs
MODTYPE []:cstrike
UNIQUEID []:name
DECAY.SKILL [0%]: (press Enter)
DECAY.MINSKILL [1000]: (press Enter)
SERVERNAME []: (name of the server: "Powered by .." or whatever you want)
ex: SERVERNAME []: Powered by eScape
SERVERIP []: (server IP followed by the port number. Don't write hostnames because they are not read!)
ex: SERVERIP []:80.97.**.***:27015
Very Important: You must provide a valid directory that the website files for PsychoStats will be copied or uploaded to. This directory should be within your web server directory tree.
'statsroot' specifies the directory where your PsychoStats website files will be located.
THEME.STATSROOT []: (all Psychostats files directory... check Apache settings!)
ex: THEME.STATSROOT []:C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\htdocs
'statsurl' is an absolute URL pointing to the location of your stats on your website. You do NOT put http://domain.com in front of this option. This will usually resemble the statsroot option you entered above but w/o the phyiscal directory path in front of it. Often only leaving the last directory name.
Example: If statsroot = '/var/www/stats/', then statsurl would be '/stats/'.
THEME.STATSURL [/stats/]: (your path)
ex: THEME.STATSURL [/stats/]:/stats/
Available themes: psweb
Choose your theme [psweb]:psweb
Psychostats files installation begins here...
Double click to stats.pl located in psychostats directory!
Double click on psadmin.pl file in order to add an admin account.
Double click on pspass.pl in order to set a password for the created admin

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